EVS-EN 1474-2:2020/AC:2023

Installation and equipment for liquefied natural gas - Design and testing of marine transfer systems - Part 2: Design and testing of transfer hoses

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Valid from 17.04.2023
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EN 1474-2:2020/AC:2023
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This European Standard gives general guidelines for the design, material selection, qualification, certification, and testing details for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) transfer hoses for offshore transfer or on coastal weather-exposed facilities for aerial, floating and submerged configurations or a combination of these. Whilst this European Standard is applicable to all LNG hoses, it is acknowledged that there may be further specific requirements for floating and submerged hoses.
The transfer hoses will be designed to be part of transfer systems (it means that they will be fitted with ERS, QCDC, handling systems, hydraulic and electric components etc.) To avoid unnecessary repetition, cross-references to EN 1474-1 and EN 1474-3, are made for all compatible items, and for references, definitions and abbreviations. Where additional references, definitions and abbreviations are required specifically for LNG hoses, they are listed in this European Standard.
Transfer hoses need to be durable when operating in the marine environment and to be flexible with a minimum bending radius compatible with handling and the operating requirements of the transfer system.
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