EVS-EN 300 338-8 V1.1.1:2022

Technical characteristics and methods of measurement for equipment for generation, transmission and reception of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) in the maritime MF, MF/HF and/or VHF mobile service; Part 8: Enabling DSC radio equipment with remote control capabilities

General information
Valid from 01.03.2022
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ETSI EN 300 338-8 V1.1.1
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Standard history
The present document states minimum requirements for GMDSS radiocommunication equipment using Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Class A, with the capability to fully operate handling of the automated procedures defined in part 2 of this multi-part deliverable, see ETSI EN 300 338-2 from a remote position such as a central HMI. In addition other proprietary control interfaces may apply to support full remote control of other DSC EQUIPMENT functions. Such proprietary control interfaces (whether based on proprietary IEC 61162-1 sentences or other protocols) are not art of the present document, and may co-exist with the requirements in the present document.
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