EVS-EN 303 423 V1.3.1:2021

Environmental Engineering (EE); Electrical and electronic household and office equipment; Measurement of networked standby power consumption of Interconnecting equipment

General information
Valid from 17.08.2021
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ETSI EN 303 423 V1.3.1
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Standard history

1.1 Equipment in the scope of the present document
The present document specifies methods of measurement of electrical power consumption in networked standby and the reporting of the results for network interconnecting equipment.
Example of interconnecting equipment are in Annex B.
Power consumption in standby (other than networked standby) is covered by CENELEC EN 50564, including the input voltage range.
The present document also provides a method to test power management and whether it is possible to deactivate wireless network connection(s).
The present document applies to electrical products with a rated input voltage of 230 V a.c. for single phase products and 400 V a.c. for three phase products.
The present document is produced under the mandate M/544 and can be used to demonstrate compliance to the EU Regulation (EC) No 1275/2008 amended by Regulation 801/2013.
The present document does not apply to televisions as defined in Regulation (EC) No 642/2009.
NOTE 1: The EU regulation 801/2013 applies to equipment designed for use with a nominal voltage rating of 250 V and below.
NOTE 2: EU regulation 801/2013 does not apply to electrical and electronic household and office equipment placed on the market with a low voltage external power supply to work as intended.
NOTE 3: "Low voltage external power supply" is the definition provided in EU regulation 278/2009.
NOTE 4: The measurement of energy consumption and performance of equipment during intended use are generally specified in product standards and are not covered by the present document.
NOTE 5: Where the present document is referenced by more specific standards or procedures, these should define and name the relevant conditions to which this test procedure is applied.
1.2 Equipment not in the scope of the present document
The present document does not apply to the measurement of electrical power consumption in networked standby for edge equipment. The edge equipment is a networked equipment that can be connected to a network and interact with that network or other devices and that does not have, as its primary function, the passing of network traffic to provide a network. Edge equipment are covered in CENELEC EN 50643.
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