EVS-EN 303 613 V1.1.1:2020

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); LTE-V2X Access layer specification for Intelligent Transport Systems operating in the 5 GHz frequency band

General information
Valid from 17.02.2020
Base Documents
ETSI EN 303 613 V1.1.1
Directives or regulations
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Standard history
The present document defines the physical layer and the data link layer and radio resource configuration, grouped into the access layer of the ITS station reference architecture ETSI EN 302 665. The access layer technology that is specified in the present document refers to what is known as the sidelink or PC5 interface of LTE Vehicle to everything (LTE-V2X) for the following frequency bands: • Operation in frequency band dedicated to ITS for safety related applications in the frequency range 5,875 GHz to 5,925 GHz. • Operation in frequency bands dedicated to ITS non-safety applications in the frequency range 5,855 GHz to 5,875 GHz.
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