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EVS-EN 319 412-4 V1.3.1:2023

Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Certificate Profiles; Part 4: Certificate profile for web site certificates

General information

Valid from 02.10.2023
Base Documents
ETSI EN 319 412-4 V1.3.1
Directives or regulations
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Standard history

The present document specifies a certificate profile for web site certificates that are accessed by the TLS protocol.
The profile defined in the present document builds on the CA/Browser Forum Baseline requirements, Extended validation guidelines and other parts of the present multi-part deliverable.
The present document focuses on requirements on certificate content. Requirements on decoding and processing rules are limited to aspects required to process certificate content defined in the present document. Further processing requirements are only specified for cases where it adds information that is necessary for the sake of interoperability.
This profile can be used for legal and natural persons. For certificates issued to legal persons, the profile builds on the CAB Forum EV Profile or baseline requirements. For certificates issued to natural persons, the profile builds only on CAB Forum baseline requirements.

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