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EVS technical committees

List of standardisation committees:

EVS/TC 1 Food
EVS/TC 2 Cement and Lime
EVS/TC 3 Telecommunication (disbanded)
EVS/TC 4 Information Technology
EVS/TC 5 Fire Fighting and Equipment for Fire Protection
EVS/TC 6 Furniture (disbanded)
EVS/TC 7 Concrete and Concrete Products
EVS/TC 8 Fire Safety in Buildings
EVS/TC 9 Aggregates
EVS/TC 10 Emergency Medical Vehicles (disbanded)
EVS/TC 11 Medical Devices
EVS/TC 12 Secure Environment for Living (disbanded)
EVS/TC 13 Basis of Structural Design
EVS/TC 14 Thermal performance of Buildings
EVS/TC 15 Doors and Windows
EVS/TC 16 Railway
EVS/TC 17 Low Voltage
EVS/TC 18 Masonry
EVS/TC 19 High Voltage
EVS/TC 20 Roofing covering products
EVS/TC 21 Metal products for construction
EVS/TC 22 Information and documentation
EVS/TC 23 Machinery Safety (disbanded)
EVS/TC 24 Lighting technology
EVS/TC 25 Graphic Technology (disbanded)
EVS/TC 26 Water and water technology (disbanded)
EVS/TC 27 Heating and Ventilation Systems
EVS/TC 28 Air quality and radiation safety
EVS/TC 29 Nanotechnologies (disbanded)
EVS/TC 30 Thermal insulation of technical equipment
EVS/TC 31 Road engineering
EVS/TC 32 Chimneys and residential solid fuel burning appliances
EVS/TC 33 Management systems and conformity assessment
EVS/PC 34 Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR) (disbanded)
EVS/PC 35 Cleaning services (disbanded)
EVS/TC 36 Facility Management
EVS/TC 37 Quality of fuels and lubricants
EVS/TC 38 Metrology
EVS/TC 39 Toys safety (disbanded)
EVS/PC 40 Services of pest management (disbanded)
EVS/TC 41 Welding
EVS/PC 42 Sewer systems (disbanded)
EVS/PC 43 Building design (disbanded)
EVS/TC 44 Electromagnetic Compatibility
EVS/PC 45 Roof building Rules (disbanded)
EVS/PC 46 Services of Medical Doctors with additional qualification in Homeopathy (disbanded)
EVS/TC 47 Water quality
EVS/TC 48 Water and wastewater engineering
EVS/TC 49 Beauty treatment and personal services
EVS/TC 50 Building Information Modelling (BIM)
EVS/PC 51 Flat roofs (disbanded)
EVS/PC 52 Competency for Customs Representatives (disbanded)
EVS/PC 53 Quality and Sustainable Real Estate Lifecycle (disbanded)
EVS/PC 54 Daylight in buildings (disbanded)
EVS/PC 55 Bank account numbers (disbanded)
EVS/PC 56 Urban streets (disbanded)
EVS/TC 57 Processing of oil shale and oil shale products
EVS/TC 58 Smart grid
EVS/PC 59 Building design (disbanded)
EVS/TC 60 Building of roofs and ventilated facades
EVS/TC 61 Noise and building acoustics
EVS/TC 62 Geothermal and water boreholes
EVS/TC 63 Assessment of release of dangerous substances from construction products (dispanded)
EVS/TC 64 Fertilizers and liming materials
EVS/TC 65 Gas infrastructure
EVS/PC 66 Assistance Dog & Guide Dog Teams Standards and Instructors Competences
EVS/TC 67 One Component Foam (OCF)
EVS/TC 68 Reporting in support of online gambling supervision
EVS/PC 69 Construction relatedinsurance (dispanded)
EVS/PC 70 Organising public procurements in contracting for design and construction works (disbanded)
EVS/TC 71 Security services and systems
EVS/PC 72 Woody plants in greenery (dispanded)
EVS/TC 73 Lightning protection
EVS/TC 74 Postal services
EVS/TC 75 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies
EVS/TC 76 Real-time economy
EVS/TC 77 Safety of machinery
EVS/PC 78 Urban Streets
EVS/TC 79 Lifts, escalators and moving walks
EVS/TC 80 Hydrogen technologies
EVS/TC 81 Test methods for chemical disinfectants and surfaces with biocidal and antimicrobial properties
EVS/TC 82 Artificial Intelligence
EVS/TC 83 Circular Economy
EVS/PK 84 Construction related insurance