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This service allows to remain up to date regarding changes related to standards of interest.

  •  A notification will be sent when a revision of a chosen standard is published when the standard is withdrawn, corrected, amended or if a public enquiry is created about its draft.
  •  The notification will be sent via e-mail.
  •  This service is free.
  •  The service can be managed via the user account.
Start using the service
  •  Find the desired standard in the e-shop and click on the link "Add to monitoring +". All the standards in the monitoring list can be found in your user account. 
  •  The standard is added automatically to the monitoring list after you purchase it. 

If you should have any additional questions, read more about our free tools to stay up to date with standards or please contact our customer service:

e-mail, phone +372 605 5060.