prEN 14509-1

Factory-made double skin metal faced insulating sandwich panels - Part 1: Self-supporting applications

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prEN 14509-1
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This document specifies characteristics of factory-made double skin metal faced insulating sandwich panels for use in elements for self-supporting applications in roofs, in external and internal walls (including partitions) and in ceilings in buildings (hereafter sandwich panels). The sandwich panels consist of two faces and insulating core either by using auto-adhesive bonding technique or by using a separate adhesive layer. The face materials covered by this document are: - steel, - stainless steel, - aluminium, NOTE Aluminium covers aluminium alloys. - copper. The insulating cores covered by this document are: - rigid polyurethane (PU) (see 3.1.15); - expanded polystyrene (EPS) (see 3.1.13); - extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) (see 3.1.14); - phenolic foam (PF) (see 3.1.12); - mineral wool (MW) (see 3.1.11). For sandwich panels, the coating of faces is either organic and/or metallic coating. This document specifies procedures for assessment and verification of constancy (AVCP) of performance of characteristics of sandwich panels. This document does not cover the following: - sandwich panels consisting of two or more clearly defined layers of different insulating cores (multi-layered); - sandwich panels consisting of more than one metal sheet per face; - curved sandwich panels; - sandwich panels with perforated faces; - fasteners and fixings; - sandwich panels, placed on the market as a part of clean room kits, conditioning room kits, cold storage room kits and cold storage building envelope and building kits.
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12.30 € incl tax
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