EVS-EN 14509:2013

Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels - Factory made products - Specifications

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Valid from 14.11.2013
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EN 14509:2013
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prEN 14509-1
This European Standard specifies requirements for factory made, self-supporting, double skin metal faced insulating sandwich panels, which are intended for discontinuous laying in the following applications: a) roofs and roof cladding; b) external walls and wall cladding; c) walls (including partitions) and ceilings within the building envelope. The insulating core materials covered by this European Standard are rigid polyurethane, expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene foam, phenolic foam, cellular glass and mineral wool. NOTE Polyurethane (PUR) includes polyisocyanurate (PIR). Panels with edge details that utilise different materials from the main insulating core are included in this European Standard. Panels used in cold store applications are included in this European Standard. Panels, put on the market as a component of a cold storage room, building and/or building envelope kit are covered by ETA-Guideline 021 “Cold storage premises kits”. This European Standard does not cover the following: i. sandwich panels with a declared thermal conductivity for the insulating core greater than 0,06 W/m•K at 10 °C; ii. products consisting of two or more clearly defined layers of different insulating core materials (multi-layered); iii. panels with perforated facing(s); iv. curved panels.
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