prEN 17684

Furniture - Electrically operated furniture - Stability, strength, durability and mechanical safety requirements

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prEN 17684
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This document specifies stability and mechanical safety requirements and test methods for electrically operated furniture for domestic and non-domestic use, including requirements on shear, compression, entrapment, strength and durability. The document applies to electrically operated furniture for use in areas accessible by adults and children of all abilities, and domestic pets. The requirements in this document are intended to minimize the hazards that can occur during intended use and reasonably foreseeable use. This document includes requirements related to all persons, including children from the age of 4 years in and around the products and the associated hazards. This document excludes considerations and requirements related to children less than 4 years old operating the product. This document does not include requirements related to the electrical safety of the item of furniture. In general, it does not take into account: - damage to property or the environment. This document does not apply to: - seating incorporated in other machines; - seats in vehicles. If the electrically operated furniture has additional functions or can be converted into other products, other relevant European Standards can apply. This document is not applicable to electrically operated furniture which is manufactured before the date of publication of this document. Wherever the term "furniture" is used in this document, it means electrically operated furniture.
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