prEN IEC 60809

Lamps and light sources for road vehicles - Dimensional, electrical and luminous requirements

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IEC 60809:202X; prEN IEC 60809
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This document is applicable to electric light sources (see Note 1) to be used in automotive applications, e.g. in road illumination devices and/or light signalling devices for road vehicles. It is especially applicable to light sources listed in UN Resolution R.E.5 and light sources subject to other legislation. This document specifies the technical requirements for the interchangeability e.g. dimensional, electrical and photometrical characteristics, and includes the test methods. For the light sources listed in this standard, the data sheets are contained either in this standard or included by reference to UN Resolution R.E.5. Performance requirements are specified in IEC 60810, e.g. life, torsion strength, resistance to vibration and shock. The requirements for miniature light sources for supplementary purposes, not subject to legislation, are specified in IEC 60983. NOTE 1 The terms “lamp” and “light source” are both used in this standard to mean the same product. NOTE 2 In various vocabularies and standards, different terms are used for "incandescent lamp" (IEC 60050-845-07-04), "discharge lamp" (IEC 60050-845-07-17) and “LED lamp”. In this standard "filament lamp", "discharge lamp" and “LED light source” are used, however, where only "lamp" or “light source” is written all light sources, independent of the technology used, are meant, unless the context clearly shows that it applies to one kind of technology only. In the UN Regulations the word “light source” is used for the products specified in this standard. NOTE 3 Wherever the term “device” is used, it is meant to designate equipment which is used as luminaire. It can for instance take the form and purpose of a headlight or signal light.
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