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prEN 13381-7

Test methods for determining the contribution to the fire resistance of structural members - Part 7: Applied protection to timber members


prEN 13381-7
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prEN 13381-7
This document specifies test methods for determining the contribution of fire protection kits to the fire resistance of structural timber members.
Such fire protection kits include claddings, sprayed fire protection and reactive coatings.
The method is applicable to all fire protection kits used for the protection of timber members. These can be fixed directly, totally or in part, to the timber member and can include an air gap between the fire protection kit and the timber member, as an integral part of its design.
Evaluation of timber constructions protected by horizontal or vertical protective membranes are the subject of EN 13381 1 or EN 13381 2, respectively.
The test method is applicable to the determination of the contribution of fire protection kits to the fire resistance of loadbearing timber structural members including floors, roofs, walls, beams and columns.
This document contains the fire test which specifies the test to be carried out to determine the ability of the fire protection kit at a specified thickness to delay the temperature rise throughout the timber member, to determine the ability of the fire protection kit at a specified thickness to remain coherent and fixed to the timber member and to provide data for determining the charring rate of the protected test member, when exposed to the standard temperature/time curve according to the procedures defined herein. This document is not appropriated to classify the tested assembly according to EN 13501 2.
The test to subject reactive protection material to a smouldering temperature time fire curve and the special circumstances for this are detailed in Annex G.
The fire test methodology makes provision for the collection and presentation of data which can be used as direct input to the calculation of fire resistance of timber members in accordance with the procedures given in EN 1995 1 2.
A description of the relationship of this test method and the assessment of the results obtained therefrom to EN 1995 1 2 and guidelines for the use of this test method in accordance with that standard are given in Annex B.
This document also contains the assessment which indicates how the analysis of the test data should be made and gives guidance to the procedures by which interpolation should be undertaken.
The limits of applicability of the results of the assessment arising from the fire test are defined, together with the direct application of the results to different timber constructions with the specified thickness and fixation of the applied fire protection kit tested.

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