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prEN 50388-2:2023

Fixed installations and rolling stock for railway applications - Technical criteria for the coordination between electric traction power supply systems and rolling stock to achieve interoperability - Part 2: Stability and harmonics

prEN 50388-2:2023
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prEN 50388-2:2023
This document is linked to EN 50388 1:2022, which describes the general technical criteria for the coordination between power supply and rolling stock to achieve interoperability.
This Part 2 establishes the acceptance criteria according to EN 50388 1:2022, 10.2 for compatibility between traction units and power supply, in relation to:
—  co-ordination between controlled elements and also between these elements and resonances in the electrical infrastructure in order to achieve network system stability.
—  co-ordination of harmonic behaviour with respect to excitation of electrical resonances.
The following electric traction systems are within scope:
—  railways;
—  guided mass transport systems that are integrated with railways;
—  material transport systems that are integrated with railways.
Public three-phase grid networks are out of scope, but grid networks which are dedicated to railways are included.
This document is applied in accordance with the requirements in EN 50388 1:2022, Clause 10. It does not apply retrospectively to rolling stock or railway power supply elements already in service.
It is the aim of this Part 2 to support acceptance of new elements (rolling stock or infrastructure) by specifying precise requirements and methods for demonstration of compliance. This document acts as “code of practice” quoted in EN 50388 1, 10.2. However, it is still admissible to use the process as defined in EN 50388 1:2022, 10.3 instead.
This version of the standard only applies to AC systems. Later versions might include similar effects in DC networks in addition, see Annex D.
The main phenomena identified and treated in this document are:
—  electrical resonance stability.
—  low frequency stability.
—  overvoltages caused by harmonics.
The interaction with signalling (including track circuits) is not dealt with in this document.
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