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prEN IEC 60721-2-2:2023

Classification of environmental conditions - Part 2-2: Environmental conditions appearing in nature - Precipitation and wind

prEN IEC 60721-2-2:2023; IEC 60721-2-2 ED3 (104/1026/CDV) (EQV)
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prEN IEC 60721-2-2:2023
This part of IEC 60721 presents fundamental properties, quantities for characterization, and a classification of environmental conditions dependent on precipitation and wind relevant to electrotechnical products.
The information presented within this document is intended to be used as background material when selecting appropriate severities of parameters related to precipitation and wind for product applications.
For the purpose of this document precipitation is considered to encompasses all forms of hydrometeors, both liquid and solid, which are free in the atmosphere, and which reach the Earth's surface. The different forms of hydrometeors are addressed separately and under the more commonly referred to meteorological conditions of rain, snow and hail. Whilst icing conditions are additionally considered, only that occurring at ground level, is addressed.
This document separately addresses the climatic condition of wind and provides methodologies and quantitative information to enable wind severities and frequencies to be estimated worldwide.
The majority of the information presented in this document has been derived and assembled by the UK Met Office from published sources as well as historical and forecasting weather records. The information has been assembled and maintained for the UK Ministry of Defence for equipment design and testing purposes [1]. The historical meteorological data employed for this work meets World Meteorological Organisation criteria for validity. However, such data are only available from a limited number of world-wide locations (typically a few hundred). Forecasting weather records, which were extensively utilised for this work, are available from a significant number of locations (typically tens of thousands) but are not necessarily verified. Whenever the latter information has been used, an appropriate strategy was adopted to remove spurious data.
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