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prEN IEC 61000-2-4:2023

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 2-4: Environment - Compatibility levels in power distribution systems in industrial locations for low-frequency conducted disturbances


prEN IEC 61000-2-4:2023; 77A/1180/CDV
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prEN IEC 61000-2-4:2023
This part of IEC 61000 is related to conducted disturbances in the frequency range from 0 kHz to 150 kHz. It gives compatibility levels for industrial locations, with a nominal voltage up to 35 kV and a nominal frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
NOTE 1 Industrial locations are defined in 3.1.8.
Power distribution systems on ships, aircraft, offshore platforms and railways are not included.
NOTE 2 See also Annex E. The compatibility levels specified in this standard apply at the in-plant point of coupling (IPC). The level of the low-frequency disturbances at the terminals of equipment receiving its supply from the IPC is generally assumed to be similar to the disturbance level at the IPC itself. However, in some situations this is not the case, particularly when a long feeder is dedicated to the supply of a particular load, or when a disturbance is generated or amplified within the installation of which the equipment forms a part.
Compatibility levels are specified for the types of low-frequency electromagnetic disturbances expected at any in-plant point of coupling (IPC) within industrial locations, for guidance in the definition of:
a) limits for disturbance emissions in industrial power distribution systems (including the planning levels defined in 3.1.5);
NOTE 3 A very wide range of conditions is possible in the electromagnetic environments of industrial networks. These are approximated in this standard by the three classes described in Clause 4. However, it is the responsibility of the operator of such a network to take account of the particular electromagnetic and economic conditions, including equipment characteristics, in setting the above-mentioned limits.
b) immunity levels for the equipment within these systems.
The disturbance phenomena considered are:
– voltage deviations;
– voltage dips and short interruptions;
– voltage imbalance;
– power-frequency variations;
– harmonics up to order 40;
– interharmonics up to the 40th harmonic;
– voltage components above the 40th harmonic up to 150 kHz;
– d.c. component;
– transient overvoltages.
The compatibility levels are given for different classes of environment determined by the characteristics of the supply network and loads.
NOTE 4 Compatibility levels at the point of common coupling (PCC) on public networks are specified in IEC 61000-2-2 for low-voltage networks and IEC 61000-2-12 for medium-voltage networks. Technical reports IEC 61000-3-6 and IEC 61000-3-7 describe the approach of power distribution system operators to the limitation of emissions from installations and large loads.

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