prEN IEC 61980-3:2021

Electric vehicle wireless power transfer (WPT) systems - Part 3: Specific requirements for the magnetic field wireless power transfer systems

IEC 61980-3:202X; prEN IEC 61980-3:2021
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This part of IEC 61980 applies to the off-board supply equipment for wireless power transfer via magnetic field (MF-WPT) to electric road vehicles for purposes of supplying electric energy to the RESS (rechargeable energy storage system) and/or other on-board electrical systems. The MF-WPT system operates at standard supply voltage ratings per IEC 60038 up to 1 000 V AC and up to 1 500 V DC from the supply network. The power transfer takes place while the electric vehicle (EV) is stationary. Off-board supply equipment fulfilling the requirements in this document are intended to operate with EV devices fulfilling the requirements described in ISO 19363. The aspects covered in this document include - the characteristics and operating conditions, - the required level of electrical safety, - requirements for basic communication for safety and process matters if required by a MF111 WPT system, - requirements for positioning to assure efficient and safe MF-WPT power transfer, and - specific EMC requirements for MF-WPT systems. The following aspects are under consideration for future documents: - requirements for MF-WPT systems for two- and three-wheel vehicles, - requirements for MF-WPT systems supplying power to EVs in motion, and - requirements for bidirectional power transfer. - requirements for flush mounted primary devices - requirements for MF-WPT systems for heavy duty vehicles - requirements for MF-WPT systems with inputs greater than 11,1 kVA This standard does not apply to - safety aspects related to maintenance, and - trolley buses, rail vehicles and vehicles designed primarily for use off-road. NOTE The terms used in this document are specifically for MF-WPT.
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