prEN IEC 62271-213:2020

High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 213: Voltage detecting and indicating system

IEC 62271-213:202X; prEN IEC 62271-213:2020
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This Part 213 of IEC 62271 is applicable to Voltage Detecting and Indication System (VDIS) to be installed on indoor and outdoor high-voltage equipment. The VDIS as defined by this standard includes a coupling system per phase (capacitive, resistive coupling or other technology) to connect to live parts (main circuit). The VDIS is applicable on systems with nominal voltages above 1 kV and service frequencies from 16,7 Hz up to and including 60 Hz. The VDIS is used to detect and indicate the presence or absence of operating voltage. It is not intended to distinguish between voltage not present (i.e. U < 10% of nominal voltage) and dead circuit state (i.e. U = 0 V).” NOTE 1: The use of a specific means of connection to earth of the main circuit (e.g. by an earthing switch) provides the “dead circuit” (U = 0 V) state.” NOTE 2: The VDIS has the same threshold values than VPIS (IEC 62271-206) and VDS (IEC 61243-5) for not indicating presence of voltage and for detecting absence of operating voltage, respectively. The VDIS is to be fixed on equipment such as switchgear and controlgear according to IEC 62271 series or transformers according to their own standard. The products designed and manufactured as per this standard contribute to the safety of the users provided, they are used by skilled or instructed persons, in accordance with safe methods of works and the instruction of use.
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