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prEN IEC 63369-1:2023

Methodology for the carbon footprint calculation applicable to industrial lithium-ion batteries

21A/867/CDV; prEN IEC 63369-1:2023
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prEN IEC 63369-1:2023
This document is part of a series. The first part addresses general requirements and methodology whereas the second part addresses applications of the methodology.
This document provides a comprehensive methodology for the calculation of carbon footprint of industrial type Li-ion battery systems from cradle to grave. Second life and/or usage that was not intended when the battery is put on the market is not taken into account.
This document along with the other parts of the standard does not pertain to Li-ion batteries of portable type or for use in electric road vehicles The definition of the parameters used for the calculation allows for an improved comparability of results for all rechargeable Li-ion chemistries. Classes of representative products are defined in this document to allow comparison inside each class.
This methodology, based on the data provided by the battery manufacturer, is mainly intended for use by the battery purchaser or the battery end-user in order to compare the carbon footprint to select between battery systems being considered for their use over their Reference Service Life
191 (RSL).
The methodology can also be used for a variety of purposes such as for battery system development, eco-design and participation in voluntary or mandatory programs. After cell manufacturing, and for the benefit of any downstream user, an intermediate collection of data such as the data for processes & material components, related to carbon footprint weight of the cell, can be  performed by the cell manufacturer. Primary data are to be collected by cell/components manufacturers.
This document with the other parts of the standard offers also general guidance for the specific application of ISO 14067 to such a calculation. The methodology in this document is based exclusively on attributional LCA.
The carbon footprint calculation of charging equipment and power conversion equipment is not covered in this document.
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