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prEN IEC 63380-1:2023

Local charging station management systems and local energy management systems network connectivity and information exchange - Part 1: General requirements, use cases and abstract messages


69/913/CDV; prEN IEC 63380-1:2023
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prEN IEC 63380-1:2023
This IEC 63380 series defines the secure information exchange between local energy management systems and electric vehicle charging stations. The local energy management systems communicate to the charging station controllers via the resource manager.
This IEC 63380 series specifies use cases, the sequences of information exchange, the data models as well as the communication protocols to be used and shall cover all aspects of local energy management of charging stations.
This IEC 63380 series covers scenarios where the charging infrastructure is managed by the operator of the private electrical network, and local energy management systems are used for local load management.
This IEC 63380 series does not cover the secure information exchange between the charging station and the IT backend system(s), such as the management of energy transfer of the charge session, contractual and billing data, provided by the IT backend.
The IEC 63380 series consists of the following structure, describing the interface between charging stations and local energy management systems.
• Part -1 General Requirements, Use Cases and abstract Messages
• Part -2 Specific Data Model Mapping
• Part -3 Communication Protocol and Cybersecurity Specific Aspects
• Part -4 Test Specifications
This part of IEC 63380 specifies use cases, the sequences of information exchange and generic data models.

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