CEN/TR 17603-32-04:2022

Space engineering - Structural materials handbook - Part 4: Integrity control, verification guidelines and manufacturing

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Valid from 01.02.2022
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CEN/TR 17603-32-04:2022
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The structural materials handbook, SMH, combines materials and design information on established polymer matrix composites with provisional information on the emerging groups of newer advanced materials and their composites. Design aspects are described, along with factors associated with joining and manufacturing. Where possible, these are illustrated by examples or case studies. The Structural materials handbook contains 8 Parts. A glossary of terms, definitions and abbreviated terms for these handbooks is contained in Part 8. The parts are as follows: Part 1 Overview and material properties and applications Clauses 1 ‐ 9 Part 2 Design calculation methods and general design aspects Clauses 10 ‐ 22 Part 3 Load transfer and design of joints and design of structures Clauses 23 ‐ 32 Part 4 Integrity control, verification guidelines and manufacturing Clauses 33 ‐ 45 Part 5 New advanced materials, advanced metallic materials, general design aspects and load transfer and design of joints Clauses 46 ‐ 63 Part 6 Fracture and material modelling, case studies and design and integrity control and inspection Clauses 64 ‐ 81 Part 7 Thermal and environmental integrity, manufacturing aspects, in‐orbit and health monitoring, soft materials, hybrid materials and nanotechnoligies Clauses 82 ‐ 107 Part 8 Glossary NOTE: The 8 parts will be numbered TR17603-32-01 to TR 17603-32-08
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