CEN/TS 16157-9:2020

Intelligent transport systems - DATEX II data exchange specifications for traffic management and information - Part 9: Traffic signal management publications dedicated to the urban environment

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Valid from 15.05.2020
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CEN/TS 16157-9:2020
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This document constitutes a part of the CEN 16157 DATEX II series of standards and technical specifications. This series specifies and defines component facets supporting the exchange and shared use of data and information in the field of traffic and travel. The component facets include the framework and context for exchanges, the modelling approach, the data content, the data structure and relationships and the communications specification. Part 9, this document, specifies additional data model structures that are applicable for traffic signal management applications in the urban environment. This part specifies data concepts to support the exchange of traffic signal status messaging, intersection geometry definition and attribution in a consistent way with existing C-ITS standards and technical specifications. It establishes specifications for data exchange between any two instances of the following actors: - Traffic Information Centres (TICs), - Traffic Control Centres (TCCs), - Service Providers (SPs). Use of this document may be applicable for use by other actors.
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