CEN/TS 17165:2018

Light and lighting - Lighting system design process

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Valid from 03.01.2019
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CEN/TS 17165:2018
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This document specifies steps to be taken in the lighting system design process and lists responsibilities for the implementation and operation of the lighting solution. The aim of the process is: 1) to design lighting system solutions for sustainable lighting quality based on recommendations in the relevant lighting application standards, for the wellbeing of users and for a pleasant built environment, and 2) to ensure that the light requirements are fulfilled with energy efficient solutions (luminaire and control system) with data that can be used in the energy calculations, and 3) to list the equipment information to be used in the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance of the lighting system over the years and the decommissioning process, and 4) to compile the documents defining the designed lighting system solution. The described lighting system design process applies to all projects of buildings and facilities whether, new or a refurbishment in the lighting sector. This includes amongst others the following applications: — office buildings – business, communication, design; — industry buildings – manufacture, warehouse; — outdoor work place areas – shipyards, marshalling yards, timber works; — healthcare buildings – hospitals, hospice, residential and elderly care facilities; — retail buildings – shops, supermarkets, wholesale establishments; — hospitality buildings – bedded areas, meeting rooms, restaurant, café; — sports – indoor sports facilities and outdoor sports fields; — education buildings – schools, colleges, universities; — roads – traffic routes and conflict areas; — amenity areas – cycle paths, residential roads, pedestrian areas; — parking areas – indoor and outdoor. The process does not apply to: — specialized lighting systems, (historic buildings, stage, studio, dentist, operating table, etc.); — lighting built into machinery or medical equipment; — temporary lighting installations. This document is not applicable to the design of the relevant electrical system and structures.
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