CEN/TS 17631:2021

Personal identification - Biometric group access control

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Valid from 01.07.2021
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CEN/TS 17631:2021
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This document provides guidance on providing access: — to areas with physical access control, e.g. entertainment facilities, train stations, shops, libraries, banks, or border control, — for small groups of persons, e.g. families with small children or seniors, or other accompanied persons in need of support, — by means of biometric authentication technologies, e.g. facial, fingerprint, or vein recognition, — in the European regulatory context. The document addresses the following aspects, which are specific for biometric and group access: — accessibility and usability, — user guidance including group guidance and interaction control, — privacy including data set content,— presentation attack detection, — applicable biometric technologies, — storage of reference data, — biometric process integration, — specific needs considering biometrics for groups, — biometric performance and error rates, and — group internal linkage. The following aspects which reflect on generic access control issues are out of scope: — IT security, — application specific physical security, — policy definition, — processes not related to biometric authentication, and — specific performance requirements of identification (1:N) and verification(1:1) applications.
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