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CEN/TS 17843:2022

Railway applications - Investigations on vehicles to quantify track loading in curve radii below 250 m

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Valid from 17.10.2022
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CEN/TS 17843:2022
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This document covers the following aspects:
—  Definition of a common method to assess track loading of a heavy rail vehicle for lines of 1 435 mm track gauge in curve radii below 250 m (test zone 5), which is not part of the acceptance testing according to EN 14363. This method is restricted to vehicles with maximum vertical wheelset forces up to 225 kN. It includes consideration of:
—  on-track measurements with instrumented wheelsets;
—  on-track measurements with local measurement sites;
—  simulation including description of requirements for use;
—  recalculation of EN 14363 results including description of requirements for use;
—  simple parameter check (dispensation from assessment of track loading).
—  Description of available knowledge of running behaviour of existing vehicles.
—  Description of observed track wear and damage related to traffic mix, track loading results of vehicles and axle loads related to track design.
The decision which railway line requires these tests is not part of this specification.
This specification can support national regulations in this field but does not affect directly existing national regulations such as [4] and [5].

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