CLC/TR 50426:2004

Assessment of inadvertent initiation of bridge wire electro-explosive devices by radio-frequency radiation - Guide

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Valid from 07.08.2008
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CLC/TR 50426:2004
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This European Technical Report provides guidance on assessing the possibility of inadvertent extraction of energy from an electromagnetic field propagated from radio frequency (RF), radar or other transmitter antennas and the coupling of this energy to an electro-explosive device (EED) in a manner capable of causing initiation. The frequency range covered by this European Technical Report is 9 kHz to 60 GHz. This European Technical Report only applies to bridge-wire devices which are directly initiated by radio frequency current and does not apply to special detonators, for example, electronic detonators. It does not cover the similar hazard arising from electromagnetic fields generated by other means, for example electric storms, electricity generating plant or power transmission lines. This European Technical Report does not apply to the following equipment: − air bag igniters for automotive applications (including the igniters before they are fitted); − special pyrotechnic devices; − pyromechanisms; − igniters for fireworks; − special military devices; − special safety equipment.
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