CWA 15748-29:2011

Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) interface specification - Release 3.10 - Part 29: XFS MIB Architecture and SNMP Extensions MIB Version 3.10

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Valid from 02.11.2011
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CWA 15748-29:2011
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This specification describes the general MIB definition (Management Information Base) for the XFS environment and some new APIs that allow network management of Service Providers from the application layer. This specification is mainly focused on the following areas: * SNMP management architecture * MIB structure definition * Trap format definition * Management extension of the Service Providers Interface Full implementation of the above features depends on the individual vendor-supplied Service Providers. This specification outlines the functionality and requirements for applications using the XFS network management services, and for the development of those services. The XFS device specific MIB and the application MIB definitions will be defined in separate documents. An agent is compliant with the XFS MIB, if it supports the XFS MIB as defined in this specification and the referenced device/application specific XFS MIB specifications. No restrictions are placed on how an agent is implemented. The MIB feature is an optional addendum to the XFS CWA. In addition, the main focus of this standard is on the standardisation of the MIB specification, not any specific implementation. From a management perspective, the key to multi-vendor management is that the MIB and values are consistent.
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