CWA 16374-71:2011

Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) interface specification Release 3.20 - Part 71: Camera Device Class Interface Migration from Version 3.10 (CWA 15748) to Version 3.20 (this CWA) Programmer's Reference

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Valid from 04.01.2012
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CWA 16374-71:2011
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This specification describes the functionality of the services provided by the Camera (CAM) services under XFS, by defining the service-specific commands that can be issued, using the WFSGetInfo, WFSAsyncGetInfo, WFSExecute and WFSAsyncExecute functions. Banking camera systems usually consist of a recorder, a video mixer and one or more cameras. If there are several cameras, each camera focuses a special place within the self-service area (e.g. the room, the customer or the cash tray). By using the video mixer it can be decided, which of the cameras should take the next photo. Furthermore data can be given to be inserted in the photo (e.g. date, time or bank code). If there is only one camera that can switch to take photos from different positions, it is presented by the Service Provider as a set of cameras, one for each of its possible positions.
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