CWA 17493:2019

Journalism Trust Initiative

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Valid from 02.01.2020
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CWA 17493:2019
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The first section (A) has been drafted to define standards of "Identity and Transparency". The JTI promotes the disclosure of information regarding: - The persons or organisations involved in the activity of the media ("Identity"); - Owners who control the media and the sources of revenue ("Transparency"). It could be understood as "Tell us who you are". The more transparent news Media Outlets are about their direct and/or indirect ownership, the more trustworthy they are likely to be in the eyes of the public. Faced with the proliferation of online information sources, the public needs access to trustworthy information revealing basic identity data (name, activity, contact details, etc.) as well as all relevant information on ownership and sources of revenue of news media organisations. Such information can reduce levels of scepticism among readers and viewers caused by potential media concentration and conflicts of interests, and can reinforce public attachment to and respect for high-quality news media that are characterized by, if not financial, at least editorial, independence. All news providers, old or new, print or digital, big or small, including individual media, should be interested in engaging in this process: the traditional media will take a better look at themselves, and new media players will be encouraged to be clear about their business models. In both cases, it will help increase their credibility. This section contains relevant indicators about the identity and transparency status of a content provider, and requires Media Outlets to list information such as names, contact details, founding date, activity, location, ownership, sources of revenue, means of distribution, etc. B. Professionalism and Accountability The second section (B) has been drafted to define standards of "Accountability and Professionalism". This section could be understood as "Tell us how you work". It focuses on the professional and enabling environment of editorial work and journalistic production at the organisational level. It consists of agreed criteria and organisational benchmarks to secure best practice in professional working methods, as well as upholding principles of ethical journalism and promoting public accountability. These include, in particular, the existence and functioning of complaints and correction mechanisms, the presence and implementation of Editorial Guidelines as well as the organisation of management and newsroom structures. This section contains indicators on accountability and professionalism in the activities of a Media Outlet that facilitate the provision of trusted and pluralistic journalism. They are meant to ensure that news media operate according to criteria that promote transparency and accountability and are thereby deserving of public trust.
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