CWA 17525:2020

Elements of fair and functioning data economy: identity, consent and logging

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Valid from 02.04.2020
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CWA 17525:2020
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This document: - defines a digital identity for a natural person for the contextual processing by information systems and machines; - sets the background for all the other components needed to use and utilize the digital identities within a decentralized data economy, such as consent, logging, data transport, services, etc; - focuses on providing a solid and focused background to deliver a practical approach for future development and still covers the digital identity definitions from a wide enough perspective to not limit its use in today’s needs, technologies or industrial use cases; - produces a neutral, objective and generic definition for all humans that can then be scaled up based on the industry, use case and technology it is applied to based on this core definition; - covers also the basic mechanisms for use in the digital services (contextual use), trust and identity management that are within the scope of the digital identity itself; - defines a well-considered overview on the individual’s digital properties, their usage and needed core processes for further consideration on standardization; and - describes the need for truly decentralized identity for every human being in the digital age.
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