CWA 17947:2022

Urban search and rescue - Guideline for the application of a test method for innovative technologies to detect victims in debris

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Valid from 15.12.2022
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CWA 17947:2022
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This document specifies requirements and recommendations on the set-up of a field test and a test methodology for Urban Search and Rescue (USaR) equipment for the detection of victims under debris. A realistic field test is described to gather information to test for example a Soft Miniaturized Underground Robot (SMURF) or drones equipped with specialized sensors, e.g. preparation of debris cones made of different materials. Furthermore, a performance test method for each component and the complete USaR system is described. The purpose of the test method is to specify the apparatuses, procedures and performance metrics necessary to quantitatively measure a search and rescue kit’s abilities.
This document is intended to be used by Urban Search and Rescue (USaR) equipment manufacturers and developers. The document is not primary intended to be used by first responders, although the user community is benefitted by the relevant guidelines to be put in place.
The current document discusses and provides guidelines around the following questions:
—  How to set up a test field for an innovative USaR kit?
—  What should be tested?
—  How should be tested?
—  Who should conduct the testing?
—  What is the minimum set of specifications for the technological tools?
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