CWA 17960:2022

ModGra - a Graphical representation of physical process models

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Valid from 30.12.2022
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CWA 17960:2022
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The planned Workshop establishes a common graphical representation for multi-scale process models. It covers models of physical processes, including control components that capture the model control structure, the model’s logic and the physical process control.
The simplicity of the graphical language leads to efficient communication, especially for industrial end-users to understand and lower the barrier to utilising multiscale process modelling. It also aims to define a minimal set of basic building blocks that is rich enough to capture the various models on any level of complexity, including the model controls.
The graphical language ModGra provides systematic documentation of process models limited to capturing the process's temporary behaviour and spatial characteristics. No attempt is made to provide a comprehensive mathematical description. Instead, the mathematical input/output behaviour of the language’s fundamental entities is given only on the top level, as detailed applications are achieved by additional assumptions, which are hard to systematise due to their highly specialised application.
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