CWA 18006:2023

eXtended Reality for Learning and Performance Augmentation - Methodology, techniques, and data formats

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Valid from 03.07.2023
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CWA 18006:2023
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This CWA includes a comprehensive canon of standards for the creation, delivery, and use of eXtended Reality (XR) learning activities and 3D Augmented Reality objects for intensive educational processes. It contains a methodology detailing the techniques that should be employed through the different steps to be followed, to advance knowledge retention and impact positive behaviour in Schools. It intends to enable a common European disruptive educational approach and thus the possibility of sharing 3D content. This CWA does not define requirements related to educational aspects. This CWA is intended to be used by: - Educational providers to establish targets for service provision, also boosting resilience of infrastructure, ensuring that there is a complete and systematic way of setting up a service for teaching and learning any-time, anywhere with 3D experiences. - Educational managers, intermediaries, and regulators (like departments of education on member-state level, educational infrastructure providers, and school systems) to take appropriate actions and ensure effective allocation of resource for the provision of XR education. - Investors to properly fund 3D content infrastructure. This CWA is not intended to be used for certification purposes
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