EVS 918:2016

Petroleum and liquid petroleum products. Measurement of content of storage tanks by manual methods and calculation of measurement uncertainty

General information
Valid from 03.02.2016
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This standard gives guidance for calculating standard volume and mass of petroleum and liquid petroleum products (hereinafter liquids), stored in a tanks under atmospheric pressure. This standard describes calculations for the determination of volume and mass of the liquids and the required measurements: — manual dip measurement of liquid stored in tanks with or without a floating roof; — manual cut dip measurement of free water; — manual measurement of the storage tank’s reference height; — manual measurement of the liquid’s temperature; — calculation of standard volume and mass of the liquid; — evaluation of measurement uncertainty of volume and mass of the liquid. This standard is applicable under the following conditions: — density of the liquid shall be from 611,16 kg/m3 to 1163,86 kg/m3; — temperature of the liquid during measurements shall be between -25 °C and +100 °C; — smallest measurable height of the liquid shall not be less than 500 mm; — storage tank’s capacity table shall be made according to the requirements of applicable standard EVS-ISO 7507-1, EVS-ISO 12917-1 or EVS-ISO 12917-2; — tilt of the storage tank shall not exceed 3 %; — the difference of densities of the liquid stored in the tank and the reference density of the capacity table shall not exceed ±30 %. NOTE This standard does not address the safety reguirements.
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