EVS-EN 12266-1:2012

Industrial valves - Testing of metallic valves - Part 1: Pressure tests, test procedures and acceptance criteria - Mandatory requirements

General information
Valid from 03.05.2012
Base Documents
EN 12266-1:2012
Directives or regulations
2014/68/EU Pressure equipment (PED)
Standard history
This European Standard specifies requirements for tests, test procedures and acceptance criteria for production testing of industrial valves made of metallic materials. The specified tests may also be used as type tests or acceptance tests. Safety devices are not covered by EN 12266-1. When specified as a normative reference in a valve product or performance standard, this European Standard is to be considered in conjunction with given specific requirements of the valve product or performance standard. Where requirements in a product or performance standard differ from those given in this European Standard, the requirements of the product or performance standard apply.
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