EVS-EN 1254-20:2021

Copper and copper alloys - Plumbing fittings - Part 20: Definitions, thread dimensions, test methods, reference data and supporting information

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Valid from 15.06.2021
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EN 1254-20:2021
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This document contains definitions, thread dimension, reference data (minimum bore), supporting information (assembling instructions) and describes the test methods referenced by other parts of the EN 1254 series. Thread dimensions comprise: wall thickness at threaded portions of fittings, dimensions of tail pipe ends for swivel fittings, dimensions of gas union connectors, thread dimensions and thread profile. Test methods comprise: leak tightness under internal hydrostatic pressure, leak tightness under internal pneumatic pressure, integrity of fabricated fitting bodies or having an 'as cast' microstructure, resistance to pull out of joints to metallic tubes, resistance of joints with metallic tube to vibration, resistance of joints to static flexural force, leak tightness of joints under vacuum, the resistance of joints to temperature cycling, detecting non-pressed fitting ends, resistance to stress corrosion, detection of a carbon film on the surface of copper fittings, determination of mean depth of dezincification, resistance of joints to pressure cycling, disconnection and re-use, determining if the diameter and/or the length of engagement of a capillary end is/are within the specified tolerance, determining the minimum length of engagement of an integral solder or brazing ring socket having a formed groove.
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