EVS-EN 13749:2011

Railway applications - Wheelsets and bogies - Method of specifying the structural requirements of bogie frames

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Withdrawn from 01.04.2021
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EN 13749:2011

Although the standard’s status is withdrawn, it still has the presumption of conformity in the meaning of regulation 2008/57/EC and conformance with the regulation ’s requirements can be guaranteed by using the withdrawn version of the standard. The presumption of conformity is valid until a corresponding amendment is published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
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Standard history

EVS-EN 13749:2005
This European Standard specifies the method to be followed to achieve a satisfactory design of bogie frames and includes design procedures, assessment methods, verification and manufacturing quality requirements. It is limited to the structural requirements of bogie frames including bolsters and axlebox housings. For the purpose of this European Standard, these terms are taken to include all functional attachments, e.g. damper brackets.
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