EVS-EN 14490:2010

Execution of special geotechnical works - Soil nailing

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Valid from 04.10.2010
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EN 14490:2010
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1.1 This European Standard establishes general principles for the execution, testing, supervision and monitoring of soil nailing. 1.2 Soil nailing is a construction technique, used to enhance/maintain the stability of a soil mass by installation of reinforcing elements (soil nails). Typical examples of soil nailing are given in Annex A. 1.3 The scope of soil nailing applications considered in this European Standard includes the installation and testing of soil nails and associated operations, required when stabilising existing and newly cut slopes and faces in soil, existing earth retaining structures, embankments, existing tunnels and the excavated facing of new tunnels in soil. 1.4 Soil nailing may be used to form part of a hybrid construction. This European Standard is relevant only to the soil nailing aspect of such constructions. 1.5 Techniques, such as reinforcement of ground by vertical inclusions (sheet piles, bored or driven piles, or other elements) and stabilisation with rock bolts, prestressed ground anchors or tensions piles are not covered by this European Standard. 1.6 Guidance on practical aspects of soil nailing and aspects on design, durability and testing is given in the informative Annexes A, B and C, respectively.
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