EVS-EN 15213-4:2013

Intelligent transport systems - After-theft systems for the recovery of stolen vehicles - Part 4: Interface and system requirements in terms of long range communication system

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Valid from 05.08.2013
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EN 15213-4:2013
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This European Standard specifies the characteristics required to operate the Long Range ATSVR Architecture. An ATSVR consists of various elements that communicate and interact through a range of interfaces in accordance with standard procedures and protocols in order to facilitate the recovery of stolen vehicles. These processes may involve a human operator. ATSVR elements include an OBE installed in the vehicles, a range of Detecting Equipment and one or more System Operating Centres. One or more supporting Infrastructure Networks provide communications to support the ATSVR. The ATSVR location function may also include one or more supporting Position Reference Sources. The LR systems use an interface that allows the Detection Equipment to operate some ATSVR Functions at distances greater than the direct line of sight. These LR systems are generally operated with ATSVR Location Functions using long-range communications. This European Standard permits existing proprietary systems to operate using these interface specifications at ATSVR application level. The main subject areas are: a) definition of classes and categories; b) interoperability and compatibility of systems at: 1) functional level; 2) information level; 3) performance level; c) identification of communications supporting infrastructures; d) specification of compatible interfaces for ATSVR applications; e) restriction of specifications to: 1) application level; 2) operating level; 3) user level.
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