EVS-EN 15721:2013

Ethanol as a blending component for petrol - Determination of higher alcohols, methanol and other impurities - Gas chromatographic method

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Valid from 07.10.2013
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EN 15721:2013
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This European Standard specifies a gas chromatographic method for ethanol, in which higher alcohols (propan-1-ol, butan-1-ol, butan-2-ol, 2-methylpropan-1-ol (isobutanol), 2 methylbutan 1 ol, and 3 methylbutan 1 ol) from 0,1 % up to 2,5 % (m/m), methanol from 0,1 % up to 3 % (m/m) and other impurities, in the range from 0,1 % up to 2 % (m/m) are determined. Impurities are all the compounds not attributed to the groups of higher alcohols or methanol. Due to possible interferences, the method is not applicable to denatured ethanol samples. Water, if present in the sample, is not included in this analysis, because a signal for water is not visible in the chromatogram. Therefore, if "alcohol content" is called up in a specification, water needs to be considered separately in the calculations. NOTE For the purposes of this European Standard, the term “% (m/m)” is used to represent the mass fraction.
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