EVS-EN 16630:2015

Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment - Safety requirements and test methods

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Valid from 07.05.2015
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EN 16630:2015
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This European standard specifies general safety requirements for the manufacture, installation, inspection and
maintenance of permanently installed, freely accessible outdoor fitness equipment. This standard does not
cover electrically driven equipment, functional training facilities (typically with unrestrained weights) nor
military style obstacle courses.
The equipment is intended for youths and adults or users having an overall height greater than 1 400 mm to
promote fitness by using the equipment to exercise. Equipment covered by this standard is not playground
equipment for children (EN 1176 series), indoor stationary training equipment (EN 957 series) or free access
multi-sports equipment (EN 15312) even if it meets the requirements of each of these standards.
NOTE In this standard “permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment” is simply called “fitness equipment”.
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