EVS-EN 17117-2:2021

Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics - Mechanical test methods under biaxial stress states - Part 2: Determination of the pattern compensation values

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Valid from 17.08.2021
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EN 17117-2:2021
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This document describes methods for the determination of compensation values for orthotropic coated fabrics (different properties along ideally perpendicular directions, such as the weft and warp yarns for woven based coated fabrics, or along the courses and wales of knitted based coated fabrics) for determining cutting patterns. NOTE The final interpretation and the determination of the compensation values remains the responsibility of the project engineer. Annex C describes a method to determine comparable measures of extensibility along ideally perpendicular directions of coated fabrics. The comparable measures of extensibility can be used by design engineers to assess the extensibility of a coated fabric by comparison with other coated fabrics. In this way, they can help to interpret results of compensation tests. Moreover, they can be used by material suppliers to measure the consistency of extensibility along perpendicular directions of a coated fabric from batch to batch.
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