EVS-EN 17408:2020

Determination of the flowability and application behaviour of viscoelastic adhesives using the oscillatory rheometry

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Valid from 02.10.2020
Base Documents
DIN 54458; EN 17408:2020
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This document specifies a measuring method for the characterization of rheological properties of structural adhesives using oscillatory rheometry. Moreover, the testing procedure can be applied to the reactive mixture of several components or the components of a reactive bonding paste material. The advantage of the method in comparison to rotational viscometry measurements lies in the separation of elastic and viscous material properties, thus allowing the defining of the viscoelastic properties. This enables more precise information concerning the flow behaviour of the materials, thereby resulting in a better understanding of their processing properties. The method described is particularly suitable for filled and paste-like adhesives. These are frequently processed using automated pump and application systems in industrial applications and will be set precisely considering their rheological properties. As the rheological behaviour of uncured adhesives is mostly independent of their properties in the cured state, the document can also serve for the examination of non-structural adhesives.
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