EVS-EN 1953:2013

Atomising and spraying equipment for coating materials - Safety requirements

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Valid from 14.11.2013
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EN 1953:2013
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This European Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events which are relevant for both manual and automatic atomising and spraying equipment for application of coating materials on workpieces. In this standard, the term “machine” is used equivalently to “atomising and spraying equipment” and “applicator”. Together with this standard, EN 50050, EN 50059, EN 50176, EN 50177 or EN 50348 give requirements for electrostatic applicators. The specific significant risks related to the use of this machinery with foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products are not dealt with in this standard. This standard is only applicable to machinery which is used as intended. It also covers hazards arising from conditions which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer. Applicators can consist of the following parts: - atomising or spraying system; - trigger; - filter; - swivel joint; - safety and control systems; - non-pressurised gravity or siphon feed cup. This European Standard is not applicable to: - applicators designed for operating pneumatic pressure above 15 bar; - non-atomising equipment (e.g. extruding equipment, dispenser); - fluidized bed powder coating machinery; - equipment for the automated application of flock; - spray guns covered by EN 50580; - supply hoses and ducts; - high-pressure cleaner equipped with high pressure water jet machines according to EN 1829 1; - airbrushes for graphic and artistic works; - machinery for the supply and circulation of coating materials under pressure according to EN 12621; - water-jet cutters; - automated devices like robots or reciprocators (EN ISO 10218 1). This standard is not applicable to machinery manufactured before the date of its publication as a European Standard.
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