EVS-EN 71-9:2005+A1:2007

Safety of toys - Part 9: Organic chamical compounds - Requirements CONSOLIDATED TEXT

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Valid from 08.01.2008
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EN 71-9:2005+A1:2007
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97.200.50 Toys
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This Part 9 of the !standard" EN 71 for safety of toys specifies requirements for the migration or content of certain hazardous organic chemical compounds from/in certain toys and toy materials (see Table 1) by the following exposure routes: - mouthing - ingestion - skin contact - eye contact - inhalation when used as intended or in a foreseeable way, bearing in mind the normal behaviour of children and the function and design of the toy. This !standard" does not contain requirements for chemical toys, experimental sets or finger-paints, which are addressed by other parts of EN 71. Packaging materials used with toys are not within the scope of the !standard" unless they form part of the toy or have intended play value.
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