EVS-EN IEC 60384-17:2019

Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment - Part 17: Sectional specification - Fixed metallized polypropylene film dielectric AC and pulse capacitors

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Valid from 15.05.2019
Base Documents
IEC 60384-17:2019; EN IEC 60384-17:2019
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This part of IEC 60384 applies to fixed capacitors with metallized electrodes and polypropylene dielectric for use in electronic equipment. NOTE Capacitors that have mixed film and metallized electrodes are also within the scope of this standard. These capacitors may have "self-healing" properties depending on conditions of use. Capacitors covered by this specification are mainly intended for use with alternating voltage and/or for pulse applications. The maximum reactive power applicable is 10 000 var and the maximum peak voltage is 3 000 V. Capacitors for reactive power exceeding 500 var, and to which a maximum peak voltage of 2 500 V at 50 Hz can be applied, are not covered by this document, except when they are the highest part of a range of reactive power mainly situated below 500 var at 50 Hz. This document is not intended to cover capacitance values higher than 20 μF. Two performance grades of capacitors are covered, Grade 1 for long-life application and Grade 2 for general application. Capacitors for electromagnetic interference suppression are not included, but are covered by IEC 60384-14. Capacitors for electrical shock hazard protection (covered by IEC 60065 of IEC technical committee 61) and fluorescent lamp and motor capacitors (covered by IEC 60252-1 and IEC 60252-2 of IEC technical committee 33), and capacitors for use in tubular fluorescent and other discharge lamp circuits (covered by IEC 61048 and IEC 61049 of IEC technical committee 34) are also excluded.
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