EVS-EN IEC 62660-3:2022

Secondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsion of electric road vehicles - Part 3: Safety requirements

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Valid from 02.05.2022
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IEC 62660-3:2022; EN IEC 62660-3:2022
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This part of IEC 62660 specifies test procedures and acceptance criteria for safety performance of secondary lithium-ion cells and cell blocks used for propulsion of electric vehicles (EV) including battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). This document determines the basic safety performance of cells used in a battery pack and system under intended use and reasonably foreseeable misuse or incident, during the normal operation of the EV. The safety requirements of the cell in this document are based on the premise that the cells are properly used in a battery pack and system within the limits for voltage, current and temperature as specified by the cell manufacturer (cell operating region). The evaluation of the safety of cells during transport and storage is not covered by this document. NOTE 1 The safety performance requirements for lithium-ion battery packs and systems are defined in ISO 6469‑1. The specifications and safety requirements for lithium-ion battery packs and systems of electrically propelled mopeds and motorcycles are defined in ISO 18243. IEC 62619 covers the safety requirements for the lithium-ion cells and batteries for industrial applications, including, for example, forklift trucks, golf carts, and automated guided vehicles. NOTE 2 Lithium cells, modules, battery packs, and battery systems are regulated by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Maritime Organization (IMO) for air and sea transport, and, regionally, by other authorities, mainly for land transport. Refer to IEC 62281 for additional information.
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