EVS-EN ISO 11905-1:2003

Water quality - Determination of nitrogen - Part 1: Method using oxidative digestion with peroxodisulfate

General information
Valid from 01.09.2003
Base Documents
ISO 11905-1:1997; EN ISO 11905-1:1998
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This part of ISO 11905 specifies a method for the determination of nitrogen present in water, in the form of free ammonia, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate and organic nitrogen compounds capable of conversion to nitrate under the oxidative conditions described.

Dissolved nitrogen gas is not determined by this method.

This method is applicable to the analysis of natural fresh water, sea water, drinking water, surface water and treated sewage effluent. It is also applicable to the analysis of sewage and trade wastes in which the amount of organic matter in the test portion can be kept below 40 mg/l, expressed as carbon (C), when measured by Total Organic Carbon (TOC), or 120 mg/l, expressed as oxygen (O2), when measured by Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) according to the respective International Standards.
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