EVS-EN ISO 17916:2016

Safety of thermal cutting machines (ISO 17916:2016)

General information
Valid from 03.05.2016
Base Documents
ISO 17916:2016; EN ISO 17916:2016
Directives or regulations
2006/42/EC Machinery (MD)
Standard history
ISO 17916:2016 specifies the safety requirements and measures for machinery covering design, construction, production, transport, installation, operation, maintenance, and putting out of service. ISO 17916:2016 applies to machinery using thermal cutting and or marking processes such as oxy-fuel, plasma arc. This International Standard applies to machinery the basis of which is either designed as open gantry, cantilever machine, or the track of which is incorporated in the cutting table. ISO 17916:2016 does not cover design standards for specific tools, e.g. oxy-fuel hose standards, electrical requirements for plasma power supplies. Most tools used on thermal cutting machines have specific design standards. ISO 17916:2016 does not cover handheld cutting equipment and cutting equipment which is combined with a constrained tracking system mounted on the work piece. Risks arising from thermal cutting tools may be covered by related standards. Risks arising from laser radiation, except those caused by position indicating lasers, are not covered by this International Standard. Those risks are covered by ISO 11553. Machines that combine thermal processes with other processes (e.g. grinding, drilling, milling, etc.) are only partly covered. Risks arising from these other processes may be covered by related standards.
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