EVS-EN ISO 1891-4:2018

Fasteners - Vocabulary - Part 4: Control, inspection, delivery, acceptance and quality (ISO 1891-4:2018)

General information
Valid from 04.07.2018
Base Documents
ISO 1891-4:2018; EN ISO 1891-4:2018
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This document specifies terms and definitions for fasteners related to control, inspection, delivery, acceptance and quality.
These terms are mainly intended for use in conjunction with ISO 3269, ISO 16228 and ISO 16426.
A multilingual list of terms in alphabetical order is given in Annex A.
NOTE 1 For a fasteners quality assurance system, see ISO 16426.
NOTE 2 For other fasteners terms, see, for example, ISO 225, and other parts of ISO 1891, ISO 4753 and ISO 14588.
NOTE 3 For other general terms related to quality and statistics, see, for example, ISO 9000, ISO 3534-1, ISO 3534-2 and ISO 3534-3.
Successive order of languages:
en: English
fr: French
ru: Russian
de: German
zh: Chinese
it: Italian
ja: Japanese
sv: Swedish
NOTE 4 In addition to the official ISO languages, this document includes the terms and definitions in German and also gives the terms in Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Swedish.
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