EVS-EN ISO 527-5:2010

Plastics - Determination of tensile properties - Part 5: Test conditions for unidirectional fibre-reinforced plastic composites

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Valid from 04.03.2010
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ISO 527-5:2009; EN ISO 527-5:2009
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prEN ISO 527-5
1.1 This part of ISO 527 specifies the test conditions for the determination of the tensile properties of unidirectional fibre-reinforced plastic composites, based upon the general principles given in Part 1. 1.2 See ISO 527-1:1993, Subclause 1.2. 1.3 The test method is suitable for all polymer matrix systems reinforced with unidirectional fibres and which meet the requirements, including failure mode, set out in this part of ISO 527. The method is suitable for composites with either thermoplastic or thermosetting matrices, including preimpregnated materials (prepregs). The reinforcements covered include carbon fibres, glass fibres, aramid fibres and other similar fibres. The reinforcement geometries covered include unidirectional (i.e. completely aligned) fibres and rovings and unidirectional fabrics and tapes. The method is not normally suitable for multidirectional materials composed of several unidirectional layers at different angles (see ISO 527-4). 1.4 The method is performed using one of two different types of test specimen, depending on the direction of the applied stress relative to the fibre direction (see Clause 6). 1.5 See ISO 527-1:1993, Subclause 1.5.
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